Year: 2018

VIDEO | Myoelectric Arm

Vanderbilt Medical Center Simulations

Medicine & Healthcare students took a field trip to Vanderbilt’s Medical Center and participated in multiple simulations!

Community Build

Psychology & Neuroscience participated in Community Build, where they had to work together to create the best community possible with the resources given […]

Neurosurgery Simulation

Dr. P held a neurosurgery simulation today with our Medicine & Healthcare students!

Clinical Diagnostics

Today our Psychology & Neuroscience students got a hands on opportunity to practice diagnosing patients!

Challenge Course

Our Psychology & Neuroscience students were able to participate in the challenge course at Treetop Adventure Park today!

Challenge Course

Today our Medicine & Health Care students tackled the challenge course!

VIDEO | Session 1

VIDEO | Session 1

Poster Symposium

Today’s the day! Our Psychology & Neuroscience students have been putting so much hard work into their projects. Today they get to present!