Year: 2018

VIDEO | Journey Into Medicine & Healthcare

VIDEO | Guest Speaker Alex Maier

Career Exploration | Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis gave a presentation on her career as a pharmacist and the steps she took to get where she is today to […]

Clinical Diagnostics

Our PSYC students debrief after seeing a patient, discussing a diagnosis.

Vanderbilt Medical Center Simulations

It was an eventful day at Vanderbilt Medical Center for our HEAL students! They participated in multiple simulations, learning about surgery, CPR, inserting […]

VIDEO | Basic Sense-ability Lab

Day in the Operating Room

Our HEAL students were able to experience what a day in the operating room was like!

Community Build

Psychology students had to work together to create a community with the supplies given to them in a leadership activity yesterday!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds

Lab & Lecture: Building Up The Brain

PYSC students learned all about the brain today and participated in brain and eye dissections!