Month: June 2019

Belmont Series: Basic Sense-ability

PSYC students experienced multiple activities and simulations at Belmont University that put their most basic senses to the test!

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students scrubbed in and participated in surgical rounds where they dissected sheep hearts, cow eyes, and learned how to suture on raw […]

Vanderbilt Medical School

HEAL students took a trip over to Vanderbilts Medical School and participated in multiple simulations including IV training, coding, and foreign object removal.

VIDEO | Myoelectric Arm

Community Build

PSYC students participated in the activity, Community Build, where they competed to create the best community.

Clinical Diagnostics

HEAL students participated in a clinical diagnostics simulation where they met with a patient and tried to match symptoms with diagnosis.

Clinical Diagnostics

Our PSYC students have been spending a majority of their time in the Clinical Diagnostics simulation. They get hands on experience meeting with […]

VIDEO | Commitment in Action

Basics of Blood Drawing

It’s been an exciting day for our HEAL students. Today was clinical rounds and they were able to participate in a blood drawing […]

Commitment in Action

PSYC students showed how committed they were to their goals with Commitment in Action!