Clinical Rounds

Our HEAL students learned about taking vitals, and drawing blood in clinical rounds today!

Belmont Series | Basic Sense-ability

PSYC students were back at Belmont today where they had their sense of taste, sight and smell tested!

VIDEO | A Day In The Life Of A Surgeon

Belmont Series: Building Up The Brain

Today was the first day our PSYC students visited Belmont University. They learned all about the brain while participating in meditation and reading […]

Eye Didn’t Know Dissections Were So Cool!

Our HEAL students were able to participate in cow eye dissections today!

Welcome to NSLC!

Today, over 100 students from around the world came for our second session of HEAL and PSYC! Here are a few photos from […]

VIDEO | How To Lead

VIDEO | Commitment In Action

To Risk or Not To Risk

Leadership students participated in To Risk or Not To Risk where they learned how to calculate risk for success!

Reg Day!

Our Mastering Leadership students have arrived and are ready for session!